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Guidelines for Exhibit Guides: Content Guidelines

Central Piedmont Naming Convention

Be sure to NEVER use CPCC or CP in any exhibit guides (or anywhere else, honestly).

When referring to the library, use Central Piedmont Library (not libraries).

When referring to the college as a whole, use Central Piedmont Community College. If you are referring to the college more than once, you may use just Central Piedmont after the initial use of the full name.

Linking to Articles

When linking to articles from websites, avoid linking to major newspapers, such as The New York Times or the Washington Post. While excellent sources of information, these sites tend to have viewing limits built into their links, making the articles potentially inaccessible to some viewers.

What Books to Feature on Guides

Books are an ideal source of information to feature on guides. Between 8 and 10 books would be an ideal number to feature on a guide. However, sometimes, Central Piedmont may not have that many books on a topic. If that's the case, you may want to rethink featuring books on your guide. Conversely, you might want to also feature books from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library as a supplement to what we have available. If you choose to go this route, be sure to feature the public library with its own box. 


When creating an exhibit guide, you may want to profile books that we have. In order to do this, follow these directions:

1. Add New Box - Click on Add Box for whatever location you would like the info to appear. In this example, we are adding a box to column 1. Give the box a name. If you are familiar with content available on a different LibGuide that you would like to reuse here, you may also do that by using the Reuse Existing Box option.

2. Add Book from the Catalog - After creating the box, click on the dropdown menu in the box labeled Add/Reorder. Choose Book from the Catalog from the dropdown menu.


3.Entering Book Information -  Enter the ISBN for the book you want to add and click Get Book Info. The ISBN can be found in the record of the book in Summon or Sierra. For purposes of exhibit guides, only add books that have cover art available for them. Also, be sure to include a URL to Summon for the book so that viewers of the guide can easily see where the book is available and place a hold, if they wish. 

The following fields are the only required fields. Do not enter information for other fields:

  • Title
  • Author/Editor
  • URL

While ISBN is initially required in order to retrieve the book information, you should remove it afterwards.


Summon Record Link - The link for books in Summon can be located by clicking the link icon for the record in the results display.




Streaming videos make excellent options for online exhibit guides. When using video, try to first use resources that the library has access to, such as Films on Demand and Academic Video Online. If the ideal video for a topic isn't available in any library resources, preferred resources are PBS Video and YouTube. These are easier to embed than some other video resources. While you always want to check out video content from any source to some extent, it is VERY important to double check any video from YouTube. You want to make sure that YouTube resources are appropriate and interesting. 

Suggestions for Choosing Video Resources

  • Choose between 3 and 4 video resources for embedding in the guide. If you have more than 4, just provide those as links.
  • Preferably, look for videos that are between 5 and 15 minutes for embedded videos. Either reconsider longer videos or embed them as llinks.
  • Make sure the videos are appealing. Videos with interesting pictures and graphics are ideal. If a video features just one speaker, make sure that they are engaging.