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Guidelines for Exhibit Guides: Creation Guidelines

When to Create a New Guide

Situations that may call for the creation of an entirely new guide are:

  • featuring a new subject or topic that we aren't currently featuring in our monthly guides
  • a guide associated with a particular, one-time event
  • a guide connected to a traveling exhibit

When creating a new guide, simply make a copy of the existing Exhibit Guides Template and go from there.

Tips for Creating Guides

  • For regularly recurring guides (such as Black History Month, Women's History Month, etc.) reuse the existing guide.
  • When creating new guides, always choose Topic Guide for type and Exhibit Guide for group.
  • When creating a new guide by copying an old one, ALWAYS check Copy Assets during the creation process. This is will allow you to make changes to the information in the new guide.


Using a Guide Template or Existing Guide

Copying a Guide

With most exhibit guides, you will generally want to update an existing guide with new content. This will be the case with regular themed guides such as Black History Month, Women's History Month, Native American Heritage Month, etc. In the event that you are creating a guide for an entirely new subject, you will want to copy the content from the Exhibit Guides Template and then replace sections with relevant content. 

When copying a guide (either the entire guide or just some content from an existing guide), choose Copy content/layout from an existing guide. Search for the guide from Local Guides and highlight it. Click Copy Assets. ALWAYS make sure to do this when copying from a guide. It makes manipulating guide content easier. Be sure to change the Guide Name. Change Guide Type to Topic Guide and Group Assignment to Exhibit Guide.

Step 5 - Add content to the LibGuide. 

Step 6 - Once the guide is finished, use this form to submit it to the Exhibit Guides Review Committee. The committee will review it and make any suggestions for changes.

Exhibit Guides Sign-Up

Interested in creating an exhibit guide? Follow the steps below to sign up.

  1. Sign up to create a guide on the online exhibits guide sign-up - Online Exhibits Sign-Up 2022-2023 or Online Exhibits Sign-Up 2023-2024

  2. Once a guide has been completed, email the link for it to

  3. The Exhibit Guide Review Committee (Doug, Alex, and Ashley) will review the guide and provide any needed feedback to the guide creator.

  4. Guide due dates are included in the exhibits sign-up sheet. Please try to adhere to this as closely as possible.

  5. If a guide is wanted for a special event or theme, please enter the event or theme in column C (Special (guides for one time events) of the Online Exhibits Sign-Up sheet. Include the guide creator's name in column D.

Exhibit Guides Review Committee

The Exhibit Guides Review Committee, a subcommittee of the Library Services Marketing Committee, exists to review guides for content and design layout.

The committee currently consists of Alex Simpson, Ashley Cramton, and Doug Short.