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Dental Hygiene / Dental Assisting Research Guide

APA 7 - Formatting Guidelines

APA 7 Guidelines for Formatting Papers

  • Page Number on Every Page
  • No Headers
  • Title Page has Title in Bold centered partially down the page, two spaces, and then First Name Last Name, School, Course, Instructor, and Date in centered rows.
  • Body Page has Title in Bold centered, and then body text following as standard, indented paragraphs.
  • In-Text Citations are Parentheses (Author, Year) Close Parentheses.
  • References page has References in bold, centered, at the top.
  • References in APA 7 Format are listed in alphabetical order with a hanging indent.

APA 7 - Sample Paper Explained

APA Sample Paper Annotated Images



APA 7 - Samples for Downloading

APA 7 Sample Papers for Download

APA 7 - Creating a Hanging Indent

APA 7 - Hanging Indent Directions

Steps to create hanging indent in Microsoft Word document: Click on the small arrow in the lower right corner of the Paragraph section in the ribbon. In the Indentation section of the pop-up window, navigate to the drop-down box labeled Special and click to select the Hanging option.  In the Spacing section, navigate to the Line spacing drop-down box and click to select  the Double option.  Navigate to the bottom of the pop-up window and click the OK option.

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