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Archival Photos Reimagined

An exhibition presenting the Central Piedmont Archives as a source of inspiration for creative expression and featuring archival photos as references for reimagined artworks.

Nine individuals participated in the first Archival Photos Reimagined exhibition, ranging from first-year students to full-time staff members. The works of art incorporate elements from the archival photos that inspired them and vary in style, medium, size, and subject matter.

Explore the Spring 2023 submissions below to learn more about the artists, the photographs they selected, and the artworks they created.


Jessica Fletcher

Repeat After Me

Akossi Kouadio


Luz Tortolero

The Depths of Learning

Lena Shakhtour

Born 2 Rebel

Ryan Cruz Rivera

Student Making a Poster

Ramon Alejandro Sedano

Inside the Lava Lamp

Erin Allsop

Stained Glass Dancers

Amelia Zytka

Spanish Flair

Johnamarie Macias