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Archival Photos Reimagined

An exhibition presenting the Central Piedmont Archives as a source of inspiration for creative expression and featuring archival photos as references for reimagined artworks.

Student Making a Poster by Ramon Alejandro Sedano

Over 100 photos were presented to participants in the first edition of Archival Photos Reimagined. One of those photos struck a cord with Ramon Alejandro Sedano, motivating him to participate.

"As I was looking through the archived photos, I stumbled upon a picture from the 1970s. It was a photograph of a student creating a poster by hand. Although my knowledge of early graphic design is lacking, this image resonated with me. Back then, there were no computers or digital software to create mockups and illustrations," he said, a reality that existed until 1973, when the first graphics software application was developed. "Instead, you had to make them manually. I learned this analog process in my first graphic design class at Central Piedmont. My fascination with design, from its early stages to what it has become now, never ceases to amaze me."

Like the student in the photo, Ramon grabbed a pen and pencil and started creating.


The links below will direct you to CONTENTdm, our digital collection management system, where you can view the images in greater detail.

Student Making a Poster

Tom Covington

c. 1970s

Black-and-white photography

A student in the Advertising and Graphic Design Program making a poster about CPCC TV by hand. Today, much of the work done by graphic design artists in the program is completed using computers.

Student Making a Poster

Ramon Sedano


Pen, pencil, and cardstock mounted on off-white board (12.5 x 9.7 in)

The photograph of a student creating a poster by hand resonated with Ramon. He felt inspired to recreate this particular moment in time himself - a time when there were no computers or digital software to create mockups and illustrations. Instead, designers had to make things manually.

Artist Bio

Ramon Alejandro Sedano is an aspiring graphic designer and freelance photographer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He's currently attending Central Piedmont Community College, where he's pursuing a career in Advertising and Graphic Design. Ramon's working hard to become a professional designer and an innovator in his field. His goal in life is to leave a mark on this world. Even if his footprint is small, he feels he's accomplished something worthwhile, just like the young lady in the photograph.