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Archival Photos Reimagined

An exhibition presenting the Central Piedmont Archives as a source of inspiration for creative expression and featuring archival photos as references for reimagined artworks.

Stained Glass Dancers by Amelia Zytka

The art and technique of using stained glass to construct an image or convey a story has been around for centuries. Amelia Zytka's creation, entitled Stained Glass Dancers, carries on that tradition and hopefully inspires others to do the same with the Stained Glass Workshop at Central Piedmont.


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Students Practicing in a Dance Studio


c. 1980s

Black-and-white photography

Students practicing and honing their technique in a dance studio. Today, students earning an Associate of Arts in dance can train in ballet, modern dance, choreography, and dance production.

Stained Glass Dancers

Amelia Zytka


Stained glass, copper foil, and lead solder

Male Dancer 10 1⁄2" x 1 1⁄2"; Female Dancer 10 1⁄2" x 1 3⁄4"

Amelia learned how to work with stained glass during the pandemic and saw an opportunity to use it as a medium for this project. She chose black glass for the male dancer to portray Central Piedmont's growing, diverse community.

Artist Bio

As a 2019 alumna of Central Piedmont, Amelia went on to earn her BA in Art History from UNC Charlotte in 2021. Currently, Amelia is working toward earning her Master's Degree in Public History from UNC Charlotte. In addition to her academic goals, Amelia serves as the Senior Art Gallery Coordinator of the Ross, Overcash, and Dove Art Galleries on Central Campus and volunteers as co-advisor to the Visual Arts Club.