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General Note

Using images and video in a presentation can be very effective in demonstrating a point and adds variety.  However, you need to be aware of copyright permissions and restrictions when using this type of content. 

The tips below will help you find images and video online and find any copyright and licensing restrictions associated with that type of content so that you do not violate copyright laws.

Places to Find Images and Video


On the Internet, Google images, Wikimedia Commons, and Flickr Commons are just some of the places you can search to find something useful for a presentation.

Google Images - Google image search allows you to search for images anywhere on the Internet.  Clicking on an individual image in your search results will show you on which site that image is held.

Wikimedia Commons - Wikimedia Commons houses a large collection of images, audio and video that can be used.  All of the content is free to copy and use provided you follow the guidelines specified by the authors who created them.  Clicking on an individual image, for example, will show you what rights you have to use that image.

Flickr Creative Commons Images - Flickr houses a large collection of images that can be used.  You can limit your search to various levels of permission. 

Some other places you might want to check for images are listed below.

Morguefile - This site holds a large collection of images that you can download for free to use.  Clicking on an individual image will show what permissions and rights you have to use the image, including whether you need to attribute the image to the owner in a citation. 

FREE for commercial use - This site lists other websites where you can search and find images to use.  You can click on links to any of the sites to view available images.


CPCC has several video databases for you to choose from on different topics.  Click here for a list of all of our video databases.  You can then click on the title of any video database to see what is in that collection.

On the Internet, you can do a general Google search for videos or go to YouTube and search directly on its site.


Image and Video Search Instructions

Google Image Search

If you choose to do a Google image search, you will certainly find millions of images.  However, if you just copy and paste any image from Google into your presentation, you may be violating copyright law. 

Google has an option to limit your image search by various levels of usage rights. 

The usage rights are: "Not filtered by license, Labeled for Reuse with Modification, Labeled for reuse, Labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification, and Labeled for noncommercial reuse." 

The most permissive option for using images is the "labeled for reuse" option because there are likely few restrictions on using those images.  Some images can be freely used with no restriction at all but others will have some rules for using them such as crediting the image creator or linking back to the license to use the image. You will need to provide a citation to properly credit the image source even if it is free to use.

See the handout below for step by step instructions.