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For in-text citations, where you place the citation can vary on your presentation slides. 

If you have multiple images on a slide you may want to place the citation as close to the image as possible, or include a line at the bottom of the slide with your citations in order of your images on the slide.

If you only have one item such as an image or video on the slide, you can place the in-text citation at the bottom of the slide.

If using an image under any Creative Commons (CC) license, the citation should include an attribution style format and a link to the CC license.

Example: Digital image from Wikimedia Commons.







Bank of America, Charlotte, NC by Jbarreiros (2006) CC-BY 2.0

Example: Digital reproduction of art painting found on National Gallery of Art's website.

For art images such as a digital reproduction of a painting, the citation should include the artist and year.  If there is no identifiable artist, use the title of the painting and year instead.  For the reference list, you should include the artist, title of the painting, year, place the work resides on the Internet, and the website URL or address.










(Monet, 1899)


The reference list should be alphabetized and have a hanging indent as it is in a research paper. It should also be on a separate slide at the end of the presentation.

Jbarreiros. (2006, November 4). Bank of America [Digital image]. Retrieved from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bank_of_America,_Charlotte_NC.jpg

Monet, C. (1899). The Japanese Footbridge. [Painting found in National Gallery of Art]. Retrieved from https://images.nga.gov/en/set/show_content_page.html?category=16&set=11


Example: YouTube Video


YouTube videos should be cited similar to a video blog post.  In this example, "Shmoop" is the username of the person who published/created this video on YouTube, and that username is used as the author for the in-text reference.  That same username is also used in the beginning of the citation on the reference list.  If a person's real name is not used in conjunction with a video on YouTube and a username is listed instead, use that name in place of an author in the citation.

(Shmoop, 2014).


Shmoop (Director). (2014, February 20). Using Citations Effectively [Video file]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/5aC6qT8WB8c