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When giving a speech or presentation in class, anytime you refer to ideas or information that are not your own, you need to provide an oral citation to that material.  Although you may have included this information in any outlines or a paper accompanying your speech, you still need to provide an oral cite to that material.  If you discuss any ideas or refer to information that is not your own and do not cite those sources during a speech, it is considered plagiarism.

For example, "according to Coopman and Lull, oral citation is a brief reference to a source during a speech." (p. 49). 

Anytime you quote or paraphrase information from a source, you should orally cite it during the speech. 

You should provide the following information in your citation:

  • author
  • author's credentials indicating his or her expertise on that subject
  • titles of any books or journal articles
  • date